Wednesday, September 7, 2016


                                         I AM A LEARNER                                 
We are all continuously learning by something which looks may be garbage but it turns to a beautiful collage. In future we will see it as an outcome result of what we had done in our life. So, here it is. I want to share my own experience.
I am doing a job in a Big Company. I am doing my regular work every day from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM which is fixed by company shift but I work more than that by late seating till 8:30 PM or sometime 9:00 PM also. But I have a dream. Dream of becoming an actor and I have to manage everything within this time which I just left till 12:00 AM. I have no other option to survive in, so that my job is my other priority. I received one offer very long back by one of my colleague. It was about to work in a short film, he said to me, I have a role for you set in my mind, and “Can you do it?” I said why not.  Now currently they called me again. We met all for the discussion about a script, shooting schedule, role and blah blah.
As I am doing a job I have to manage both the fields which is totally different from each other and it is seriously difficult for me to handle sometimes. Now I am very use to it. But one day after the discussion with the team, I came back home.Set back relax at my house. I rewind some interviewed stars of my favorite. I rewind that how they are managing their regular schedules. I am 101% sure that they have more work than me. Off course they have. So, what to do now? Then I saw their interview again for a solution over my schedule. Now when I was rewinding tips about how they are managing their time quickly. How they are doing deep study for their character that offered to them. I simply gone through their footstep and my path was so clear about to manage everything which seems difficult at first but not now. Now, if I talk about my short film here what happens on a decided date. Our schedule set on a location. Our team gone to the location and we had a great shooting schedule. And yes not just one time, at least three times we were gone to the location. But finally we are done with a schedule properly.
The question is what I learnt from it? I learnt that if you have will power to do what you are looking for by doing hard work towards the way, you can achieve that goal but you can make it happen and make your dream come true. One view to what I just shared is that in simple way to say, doing a job and managing my dream work looks difficult for me till I don't understand that you always have a solution over what you want to achieve or to pursue for. An answer to this which I found in that interview. I know that this story looks so simple to you but survivor always know how to came out from jungle. I know that how much not just me but the whole team how they also manage everything besides their regular schedule.
By heart thank you very much to the team. Thank you to team for such a wonderful experience because if you didn't give me an opportunity to worked in a short film I will never ever came out from my 9 to 9 schedule. I learnt to manage my job and my dream together. This creates a confidence in me that I can do it. One day I will wake up surrounded by my dream holding me so tightly and will love me that no one can love me that stupidly.
Thank you to all my reader I hope this story will inspire you. Remember don’t stop and stand still. Be like water, work hard but most important work smart. And remember the key always Learn.


Monday, January 12, 2015

We Are Limitless


There are so many questions and unlimited flow of thoughtful material coming to us and going through us. But an answer for everything is may be possible to find. From what is, to why it is. These questions are asked by one human being to another. 
I want to share with you here a valuable part of our life. That only few of us know this very well and that is we are “LIMITLESS”. There are no such boundaries to our dreams. We can decide any peek to reach and we can reach there. We just have to be passionate and enthusiastic about learning new. Because when we learn something, we practice it. Then your consistency will show that how expert you are in your work. And in all this process if you are seriously doing the things, it will come to existence through limitless powers. Your limitless power is exactly limitless you.
I have a simple task for you. Just seat back relaxed. Think about what something very short goal but challenging because when it will come into existence then you will realise the meaning of limitless. Example, I want to start practicing by left hand, if you are the right handed.
After deciding, make the perfect plan for practicing on a daily basis for like 10 minutes to 15 minutes or as per your schedule you decide. This looks so simple and small task but it is not. It is challenging. And one day when you will achieve it you will start believing on each and everything you will decide would be limitless. And graph of your success will go up.
So start right now, because this moment is “LIMITLESS”.


Sunday, July 27, 2014


Life is full of material practical world and lot of things included. Now if we look at life as a track of a competition of any game or a goal you want to play and achieve in your life then life is full of complication. But we are not here to solve that complication. We are here on this earth to know more about ourself. And automatically through our "KARMA" to change this world. KARMA is everything. What we do that's what we caught into it back.What we must do for this is we must change ourself and the world will change.
Direct to the point is that if we know more about ourself and change it the way we want, make it absolute clear in our mind so that we don't have to give that extra push to change the outside world because we changed already inside way so the outcome results are there for sure.
Remember - LIFE is all about to understand within. Not an outer part is important. An outer part is a result of that inner reflection.Change that inner space right now with full of energy.
So, then our life will say to you for sure live 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Life Patch

Life Patch
I Believe very deeply in GOD.
I Feel Intuitions.
I recognize those intuitions very easily when I come across to too many situations.
I am a learner and I always try to learn.
I help others.
I love myself so that people starts loving me.
But I am not intentionally realizing this that people love me cause if I do so, people stop loving me.
Thank you GOD.
I am always thankful to GOD for this Life.
Cause my Life is Beautiful.

Monday, April 22, 2013



Today I am going to tell you about to take responsibilities in life.
Responsibility is like a lion roar. Its big and everyone is under a shadow of it. Automatically people remarkably mark you as responsible.
A person with responsibility will surely moving towards his goal. And a person with lot of time to think about taking responsibility is moving backwards from his goal. Take a look at this very seriously. And be practical about it. ‘Responsible’, a word what does it mean? You are responsible means you are taking charge of something because you are liable or you are having an duty to deal with something.
So, you are liable for a work. Think about it you are moving towards and that’s good. Responsibility makes you strong about everything in your life. Look at this carefully.
There is no specific time period of taking responsibility of any charge. From our childhood to our old age we are actually responsible for everything we come across. The point is at some cases we choose that as it is our responsibility and sometime we not or even some people forget. Ohh…! That’s very stupid thing. How can we forget our responsibilities. So, that’s call they are not serious about their lives. Make a commitment today for taking responsibilities in live. Be responsible. You have that power to take charge of anything. You should try to overcome any obstacle in your life. If you try to be responsible. You are seriously not very diff.. than others. They are human beings and you are too. So, dare to take responsibility. Don’t scared of doing. Just take responsibility and do it...! Cause you can do it…! You will have to do it…!

Friday, April 19, 2013


Remember one thing in life – You are the creator of your own life. No one is going to help you in this. Your dreams will come in existence when you start to work practically. Not just thinking about but to do it is more important. Most people just think about it or just dreaming for a long time. See, daydreaming and working by the way you daydreaming is different and just to dream about but not doing practical work is not gonna be work at all.
In your life you are the only one to take decision about your life. There is no one to think about the way you want your life to be. Take decision. No decision brings to nothing more than just waste of your time in thinking, that’s all. Take decision and then do it. You don’t have to see the whole staircase for this. Just take your first step.
Go by your plan. The plan you have in your mind. Because whenever you are creating your beautiful garden in your mind remember you are the only one to feed it whatever thoughts you have and feelings you have, they impact on your physical life. So, paint your life map very carefully because


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Brain Stretching

Stretching Your Brain
Brain, a very important part of your body. A body without a brain. A brain without a thinking process. A thinking without emotional and a cycle goes on is just about to wastage, nothing else.
Stretch your brain to think of something big. Whatever it is but you should think about it in that cloudy level. Yes! You have to think.
Because this is where your behavior makes so much of changes when you train your  ‘BRAIN.’ You know people with smart sense are not doing anything like a magical or something. They just train their brain to think about above level. Stretch your brain to think. I know to the first time it is difficult to do. But you have to repeat it till your brain will never get completely trained by the change you want. Change is possible when you do that again and again.
If you want success in your life you must train your brain.
Brain is a machine of controlling of everything inside you first and outside world will automatically set, because your completely trained inside.
A habit of doing things in a different way. Come on do this today.
Stretch your brain for an idea or thinking about something imaginary and yes unrealistic. Just try. Stretching your brain is first time difficult but but make this your habit.
Now its time to Stretch :D